grasa de 2.5g/Cm3 1.2W/M.K Electrically Conductive Thermal

Informacion basica
Lugar de origen: Guangdong, China
Certificación: ROHS
Número de modelo: M-TG
Cantidad de orden mínima: Negociación
Precio: Negotiation
Detalles de empaquetado: Embalado en cartón
Tiempo de entrega: 5~8 días
Condiciones de pago: T/T
Capacidad de la fuente: 1000 kilogramos/kilogramos por semana
Información detallada
MF: Mezcla Materia prima principal: Silicón
Otros nombres: Grasa de silicón termal Color: Gris
Uso: CPU, electrónica, construcción de aislamiento, impresora, LED Vida útil: 24 meses
Nombre de producto: Grasa termal adhesiva del sellante del silicón conductor termal de la goma Conductividad termal: 1.0~6.0 W/mk
Alta luz:

goma termal del disipador de calor 1.2W/m.k


grasa de silicón termal 2.5g/cm3


grasa de la conductividad eléctrica 1.2W/m.k

Descripción de producto

1.2W/mk Thermal Paste Electrical Conductivity Grease PBC Heat Sink Thermal Paste


Product Description


Technical Parameter
    Heat Conduction Silicone Grease is based on polyorganosiloxane, and add the high thermal conductivity filler by special process compounded to make paste. As a medium for transferring heat, also have excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. This product has good resistance to high and low temperature, will not appear air drying hardening or melting, non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive, chemical and physical properties are stable. Suitable for manual / machine operation
Product Features
- Thermal Conductivity 1.0W/m.k
- Tasteless, non-corrosive, non-toxic, environmentally friendly
- Low thermal resistance, high temperature resistance non- powdering, good thermal conductivity
- Reduce the operating temperature of the heating element, high power bipolar junction transistor, filling the gap between the SCR (thyristor) Diode (transistor) and the substrate (aluminum, copper), CPU and radiator.
Typical Applications
- CPU Heat Dissipation
- Aluminum Base Panel Heat Dissipation -
-MOS Tube Heat Dissipation
-TV Power Amplifier Tube Heat Dissipation
Reference Standards
General Properties at 25±2℃
GB/T 14074
White / Grey Paste
GB/T 13354
ASTM D5470
Thermal Conductivity
GB/T 4509
Penetration Degree
GB/T 2793
Fugitive Constituent (150℃,3h)
HG/T 2502
Oil Separation (200℃,8h)
Enterprise Standard
Working Temperature



Product Details

grasa de 2.5g/Cm3 1.2W/M.K Electrically Conductive Thermal 0

grasa de 2.5g/Cm3 1.2W/M.K Electrically Conductive Thermal 1


grasa de 2.5g/Cm3 1.2W/M.K Electrically Conductive Thermal 2
grasa de 2.5g/Cm3 1.2W/M.K Electrically Conductive Thermal 3
Q1:What's the thermal cunductivity test method given on the data sheet?

 A1:All the data in the sheet tested out by the third partly,ASTM D5470 is utilized to test the thermal conductivity.

Q2:How to find a right thermal conductivity for my application?

A2:It depnds on the watts of power source,ablility of heat dissipation.
Q3:Do you accept custom orders?
Yes,welcome to custom orders.our custom elements including dimesion,shape,color and coated one side or two side adhesive or coated fiberglass.If you want to place a custom order,pls kindly offer a drawing or leave your custom order information.


Q4:Do you offer free samples?

A4:Yes,we are willing to offer free sample but pls kindly note that your side pay for freight.


Q5:How to ship the orders?

A5:We will help to arrange transportation dor you.If you want to use your own courier account pls kindly tell us before shipping out.


Q6:What's the lead time?

A6:Sample order costs 1~3 workdays and 3~5 workdays for production.



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